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New UMMoolde plugins and features in August
Admin, UMMoodle 发表于 2018年09月4日 星期二 11:42

We are glad to inform that ICTO had made the following updates or changes of UMMoodle in August:

  • Installation of new third party plugin - Word File Import/Export in Book. It is a tools of Book resource. It supports the import of content from a '.docx' format file into a book, with the content ...
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Urgent database maintenance of UMMoodle, ePortfolio and Community has been completed on 4 August, 2018 (Saturday)
Admin, UMMoodle 发表于 2018年08月3日 星期五 16:57

To: All Users

Due to the unexpected compatibility issues, which cause substantial decrease in system availability, after the database upgrade of UMMoodle, ePortfolio and Community on 1 August, 2018, please be informed that ICTO will perform an urgent database maintenance for UMMoodle, ePortfolio ...

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The login problem of Moodle App in iOS devices has been fixed in the latest release of Moodle App
Admin, UMMoodle 发表于 2018年07月16日 星期一 11:51

Dear User,

Please be informed that the latest release of Moodle App fixed the login problem and UMMoodle is available to be accessed via Moodle App in iOS devices now.

Thank you for your attention and sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Information and Communication Technology Office